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Apple won't hire Elon Musk as Head of Marketing

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Apple won't hire Elon Musk as Head of Marketing

Apple has officially announced that it will not hire Elon Musk as head of marketing. Musk himself wrote about this on his Twitter:

The proposal itself is strange for me, I am the richest person in the world, I am also the owner of the largest company, even while it has not released anything particularly, when we reach Apple volumes, we will not be surpassed. And the position of the head of the marketing department is a spit at me.

Apple will not hire Elon Musk for several reasons. Firstly, Musk already works at Tesla and earns much more there than at Apple. For the latter, it would not be entirely appropriate to pay a fairly high salary to a person who earns at Tesla. In addition, Apple plans to hire third-party specialists, not its own employees. Elon Musk has already confirmed that he is not going to move to California and work at Apple.

 Musk has previously said he wants to start a new company where he could become the CEO. According to him, he has already discussed with Apple the possibility of heading the corporation's marketing department.